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The MX Film & Multimedia Academy Scholarship for Creative Minds 2019

Save up to 60 percent on Tuition! Available for the month of April & May 2019.
Learn everything in the course outline, pay only 40% of the fee.
Available for the month of April & May 2019.

This scholarship opportunity will be awarding eligible candidates a monetary grant in tuition fee.

By applying for this, participants will save huge sums on tuition as you will only pay 40 percent of the regular tuition fee.

That is instead of paying the regular fee of N160,000, you will only pay N64,000.

This is only available for the month of April and May 2019.

After this period, the fees will revert to the regular cost which is N160,000.


What to Know Before Applying For The Grant

The following courses are available for scholarship:

1. Diploma in Music Video Directing With Cinematography. (Duration: 4 Weeks)
2. Diploma in Music Production & Sound Engineering. (Duration: 4 Weeks)
3. Diploma in Film & TV Production. (Duration: 4 Weeks)
4. Diploma in 2D Graphics Animation. (Duration: 4 Weeks)
5. Diploma in 3D Visualization & Animation. (Duration: 4 Weeks)
6. Diploma in Website Design, Hosting & Maintenance. (Duration: 4 Weeks)

Maximum of Two Programs Per Time: You can register for up to two courses during your scholarship application and you can participate in the two courses simultaneously during the training as provisions will be made for that.


Grants are non-transferable: If for any reason you are unable to attend the training after application, you cannot transfer the grant to your brother/friend as the grant will be registered in your name and your scholarship registration fee is non-refundable.

Application Processing Fee: You will be required to pay the scholarship application processing fee of Twelve Thousand Naira only (N12,000). The account details for payment is displayed at the bottom of this page and will also be mailed to you on submission of the registration form.


No Aptitude Test Required: You will not be required to write an aptitude test after registering for the grant. You automatically qualify for the grant by completing the scholarship/grant application on the portal and payment of the scholarship application fee.

Closing Date: This year’s grant application window starts March 7th and closes by March 30, 2019. After this date, the scholarship application portal will be closed and all applicants will be required to register through the regular process and pay the complete tuition for the courses they choose.

Serviced Accommodation: Serviced accommodation for the period of the training will be provided for those applying from other regions, this will be done at an extra fee which is dependent on the option you choose. Accommodation fee ranges from 30,000 to 60,000 Naira per month.

Account Details For Payment

First Bank Nigeria Plc. Account Name: MX Creative Studios Account Number: 2024 571 681.
Note: You will get an email response immediately after you submit the scholarship application form, if you don’t see any email after a few minutes, check your Spam folder.

How To Apply For The Scholarship

 >> Click here to apply now!


NeXgen Afrique Music Production Training & Empowerment Scheme

NeXgen Afrique Music Production Training & Empowerment Scheme

Under this scheme, eligible participants will get the necessary skills required to set up a music production workstation, make proffessional music and go home with a brand new fully functional music production kit

The digital audio workstation (music production kit) will comprise the following;

1. Condenser Microphone

2. Shock mount for microphone

3. Pop filter

4. Microphone stand

5. Microphone cable

6. USB Soundcard

7. Stereo Speaker

8. MIDI Keyboard


We are partnering with MX Film & Multimedia Academy to deliver world class training to the participants.

The training will be held at the training facility of MX Film & Multimedia Academy in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.

Areas of Coverage
1. Introduction to Audio & Sound Engineering. [theory]
2. How to Set up a Digital Audio Workstation [practical]
3. Creating Instrumentals from Scratch. [practical]
4. Arranging instrumentals. [Practical]
5. Mixing and finalizing instrumentals. [practical]
6. Setting up up multi-track recording session. [practical]
7. Connecting mixers, microphones, guitars, MIDI keyboard and other audio inputs [practical]
8. Recording multi-track session audio. [practical]
9. Mixing. [practical]
10. Mastering. [practical]
10. Saving and exporting your files to different audio formats [practical]

Duration: Four [4] Weeks


Regular Training Fee: N350,000

Amount You’re to pay: N180,000

NOTE: Accommodation Available at N30,000 per month

Citizenship – Nigerian or anyone legally living in Nigeria

Age – 18 years +

Gender : Male or Female.

Part Payment of the training tuition fee: Participating candidates will be required to pay part of the training tuition fee. This is required in order to minimize abuse as persons with no intention of starting music production business can easily register, get the equipment and then sell them off and use the fund for other reasons.

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