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This training program is intended for those that wants to pursue a career in the area of piloting aeroplanes, helicopters, drones and other unmanned aircraft systems. It covers a wide range of topics under advance avionics. Course Contents

1. Introduction to Avionics. – (theory)

2. Flight Aerodynamics. – (theory)

3. Flight simulation for aeroplanes. – ( practice)

4. Flight simulation for helicopters. – ( practice)

5. Flight simulationf for multicopters. – ( practice)

6. Risk Assessment. – (theory)

7. Pre-flight Preparation. – ( practice)

8. Mission Planning. – (theory and practice)

9. Aerial Surveillance. – (theory and practice)

10. Flight Manouvers/Controls – (theory and practice)

11. Working With multi-copter drones. – (theory and practice)

12. Working With GPS. – (practice)

13. Take off & landing techniques (practice)

14. Safety regulations for drones and remotely controlled aircrafts (RPAs). – (theory)

Duration: 6 – 10 Weeks

Fee: Three Thousand Two Hundred US Dollars (3,200 USD)

Training Days: Mondays to Thursdays

MX Film & Multimedia Academy

EXPECTATIONS At the end of this class, participant will be able to:

1. Set up a multi copter drone and other unmanned aircraft vehicles 2. Remotely take off and control a UAV system from the ground

3. Conduct aerial surveillance

4. Conduct search & rescue operations in alliance with security agents

5. Work with Auto Pilots and Mission Plannning Systems

6. Know the safety regulations for flying drones.

7. Have a sound knowledge of the operational and flight techniques of modern (manned) aircrafts.

What Are The Requirements? Education:

University graduates and undergraduates

Computer Literacy: Intended applicants must be familiar with Windows or Mac Operating Systems.


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