Diploma in Live Sound Engineering & Live Music Production

Become a Proffessional Live Sound Engineer & Live Music Producer with our properly designed Live Sound Engineering & Live Music Production training curriculum.

All the essential skills, techniques, tips and tricks required to get the best sound out of a live music production environment will be delivered to you.

Go From Zero to Hero

This training has been designed to get you started from scratch (no audio engineering knowledge) to advance audio engineering knowledge.


100% Hands -On Practical Training

Get Your Hands Busy with the mixing console and keep your ears buzzing with sound waves!

Learn to setup and control live audio performance from a live mixing console.

Get to know everything about live audio reinforcement and studio sound engineering.


Be The Angel Behind The Sound

The vocalists can have the best voice in the world, the saxophonist and drummer could be so energetic and the guitarist could be very creative. But if the sound engineer controlling the whole sound is wack or amateur, the whole performance could be a disaster.

Be the invisible performer behind the performance, the sound engineer behind the whole sound. Reinforce a live mix that brings out the bests of the performers and make the audience go wild!



Weekdays :6 Weeks (Mondays to Thursdays)

Weekends: Ten Weekends


Fee for International Students:  Two Thousand  Dollars (2,000 USD)

Nigerian Students: Five Hundred Thousand Naira. N500,000.

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