This certification program is intended for those with a passion for film-making, music video production, documentary and TV production.

It covers a wide range of topics under the following courses;

Course Contents

1. Digital Photography
2. Cinematography/Advance Camera Techniques
3. Directing for Film & Documentaries
4. Directing for Music Videos
5. Motion Graphics Animation
6. Video Editing


Training Duration: 3 Months

FEE: 2,000 US Dollars




At the end of this class, participant will be able to do the following;

1. Dissemble and assemble any proffessional DSLR camera setup with rigs, dollies and jib/cranes.
2. Set up any camera proffessionally for shooting on different weather conditions
3. Create cinematic shots with slider, dolly and jib/crane
4 Direct and shoot a music video
5 Direct, shoot and edit a documentary or a short film
6. Shoot and edit event videos
7. Edit multi-camera footages like dramas, TV talk shows and music videos.
8. Identify high speed memory cards that can be used for high definition video recording.
9. Direct a multi-camera shoot
10. Create 3D motion graphics animation (a video combining moving texts, graphics and images)
11. Edit a music video
12. Edit a movie, a documentary and a TV commercial.

What Are The Requirements?

Education: Intended applicants must have passed through secondary or high school equivalent.
PC: Students are advised to have their personal computer (laptop).
Computer Literacy: Intended applicants must be familiar with Windows or Mac Operating Systems.

Click here for full requirements

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