This training is specially designed for corporate bodies and/or media organizations that wants to train/upgrade their staff skills in the area of film and multimedia.

Location of Training

The training can be done in our training location or as elsewhere as may be required by the sponsoring organization.

Duration of Training

Standard duration is one week

The duration can also be extended based on the organization’s demands.


1. Digital Photography
2. Cinematography & Advance Camera techniques
3. Directing for Film, TV and Documentaries
4. Digital Video Editing
5. Preparing Your Video for Online Streaming and playback on different devices.

TRAINING DURATION: 5 to 8 hours daily with one hour break

Recommended: Six (6) days. Minimum: 5 days

Fee: N160,000
Location For Training: It can be done in our studio or at a facility provided by the organisation in their location.


At the end of the training, participant will be able to;
1. Set up any camera professionally for shooting on different weather conditions
2. Create cinematic shots with slider, dolly and jib/crane
3 Direct, shoot and edit a documentary, a corporate video and/or a short film
4. Shoot and edit event videos
5. Edit multi-camera footages like dramas, TV talk shows and music videos.
6. Create a TV montage
7. Create TV advertisements (animated version)
8. Direct, shoot and edit a TV commercial (video version)
9. Identify memory cards that can be used for high definition video recording.
10. Export videos for online streaming and playback on different devices.

What Are The Requirements?
Possession of a computer: Each participants is advised to have their personal laptop computer.

Conducive Environment: The organisation should be able to provide a conducive learning environment for the training if the training is to be conducted in their location.


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