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This certification program is intended for those with a passion for 3D architectural visualization, 3D broadcast designs, 3D animation and production of TV commercials.

It covers a wide range of topics under the following courses;

1. Graphics Design & Image Manipulation
2. 3D Motion Graphics Animation
3. Character Design
4. 3D Character Modelling
5. 3D Character Rigging
6. 3D Character Animation
7.3D Modelling
8, 3D Animation
9. Compositing
10. Colour Correction

Training Duration: (3 Months)
Fee: N700,000
Internship (Optional): 2 Months



At the end of this class, participant will be able to:

1. Create 3D characters like humans, robots, cartoons e.t.c
2. Create 3D motion graphics animation (a video combining moving texts, graphics and images)
3. Animate 3D characters like humans, robots, cartoons e.t.c
4. Create and animate 3D models of products for TV advertisements like bottle of drinks, cosmetic, electronics (phone, laptops) airplanes e.t.c.
5. Create 3D TV broadcast studio designs

What Are The Requirements?

Education:From primary four upwards
PC: Students are advised to have their personal computer (laptop).
Computer Literacy: Intended applicants must be familiar with Windows or Mac Operating Systems.

Click here for full requirements

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