Welcome to MX Film & Multimedia Academy, Nigeria’s premier film & multimedia training outfit!

Why Study at MX Film & Multimedia Academy?

We are undoubtedly the best in the sub- Saharan African region providing you with multimedia training that competes globally with top multimedia institutions across the world.
mxfa logo lightMX Film & Multimedia Academy boasts of a world class hands-on practical teaching aesthetics and curriculum that spans over a wide area of multimedia.
It was started as an upgrade of the training & internship facility of MX Creative Studios, Nigeria’s foremost studio for video and  TV production.


1. Bringing you tomorrow’s technology today

2. A Large Collection of Filmmakers Arsenal

3. Invaluable Working Field Experience

As a student at MX Film & Multimedia Academy, you will have the opportunity to work along side proffessionals in the media industry as we take our students along (as crew members) when we are shooting for clients, on locations or in the studio, so at the end of the training, you will not only be equipped with the required skills to get the jobs done but also with an invaluable working experience.

As a student at MX Film & Multimedia Academy, you have unprecedented access to a wide range of film making gadgets ranging from Proffessional DSLR Cameras, Lenses, sliders, dollies, jib/cranes, audio gears, books & publications, drones/ unmanned aerial vehicles, UAV flight simulators, music production instruments, audio recording studio, and a full fledged ready to shoot TV production studio (courtesy of MX Creative Studios) all accessible by students eight hours daily for constant practice.



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