Diploma in Music Production & Sound Engineering

This certification program is  intended for those with a passion for  music  production.

You will be taught how to create instrumentals, record audio, mix and master audio professionally.

It covers a wide range of topics under the following music (audio) production and video production which is segmented as follows;

1. Introduction to Audio & Sound Engineering
2. Creating Instrumentals from Scratch
3. Arranging instrumentals
4. Mixing and finalizing instrumentals
5. Setting up up multi-track recording session
6. Connecting mixers, microphones, guitars, workstations and other audio inputs
7. Recording multi-track session audio
8. Mixing
10. Saving and exporting your files to different formats

Duration: 2 months

Fee: N350,000



At the end of this class, participant will be able to;
1. Produce, arrange, mix and master instrumentals
2. Set up multi-track recording session
3. Record, mix and master multi-track audio
4. Produce complete music albums for musicians from scratch to finish

NeXgen Afrique Music Production Training & Empowerment Scheme

Under this scheme, eligible participants will get the necessary skills required to set up a music production workstation, make proffessional music and go home with a brand new fully functional music production kit

The digital audio workstation (music production kit) will comprise the following;

1. Condenser Microphone

2. Shock mount for microphone

3. Pop filter

4. Microphone stand

5. Microphone cable

6. USB Soundcard

7. Stereo Speaker

8. MIDI Keyboard

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