This certification program is intended for those with a passion for film-making, music video production, documentary and TV production.

It covers a wide range of topics under the following courses;

Course Contents

1. Digital Photography/Videography
2. Cinematography/Advance Camera Techniques
3. Directing for Film & Documentaries & Music Videos
4. Graphics Design & Image Manipulation
5. Directing for VFX
6. 3D Motion Graphics Animation
7. Video Editing
8. Compositing & Visual Effects
9. Audio Editing


Training Duration: 3 Months

 Internship (optional): 2 months

FEE: N420,000




At the end of this class, participant will be able to do the following;

1. Dissemble and assemble any proffessional DSLR camera setup with rigs, dollies and jib/cranes.
2. Set up any camera proffessionally for shooting on different weather conditions
3. Create cinematic shots with slider, dolly and jib/crane
4 Direct and shoot a music video
5 Direct, shoot and edit a documentary or a short film
6. Shoot and edit event videos
7. Edit multi-camera footages like dramas, TV talk shows and music videos.
8. Identify high speed memory cards that can be used for high definition video recording.
9. Direct a visual effect scene for a movie or a TV commercial
10. Direct a multi-camera shoot
11. Create 3D motion graphics animation (a video combining moving texts, graphics and images)
12. Create and animate 3D visualization of exteriors (i.e. buildings, street views, roads, bridges, etc,) interiors (i.e. kitchen, rooms, broadcast studio designs)
13. Create and animate 3D models of products for TV advertisements like bottle of drinks, cosmetic, electronics (phone, laptops) airplanes e.t.c.
14. Create 3D TV broadcast studio designs
15. Create realistic visual effects for a movie or a TV commercial
16. Set up an audio workstation for professional audio recording
17. Record and edit an audio for use as music, back ground sound, voice over and sound effects.
18. Work with tele prompter
19. Edit a music video
20. Edit a movie, a documentary and a TV commercial.

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What Are The Requirements?

Education: Intended applicants must have passed through secondary or high school equivalent.
PC: Students are advised to have their personal computer (laptop).
Computer Literacy: Intended applicants must be familiar with Windows or Mac Operating Systems.

Click here for full requirements

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