Course Contents
1. Thinking in Graphics (Advance Graphics Class) – Theory & Practice
2. Advance Colour Correction – Theory and Practice
3. Advance Cinematic Shots – Theory and Practice
4. Directing multi camera scenes for TVs, movies and reality shows – Practice
5. Directing music video scenes โ€“ Practice
6. Directing Visual Effects scenes for music videos โ€“ Practice
7. Camera Tracking Practice
8. Drone Piloting Basics (Setup, fly and film with a drone) – Theory and Practice

9. Drone Whizzy – Manually locking drone to a target Practice

10. Drone Whizzy – Directing and shooting cinematic aerial shots Practice
11. 2D Infographics Animation Practice

12. 3D Modelling & texturing Practice
13. 3D โ€“ Animation & Simulation – Theory and Practice
14. Computer Generated Visual Effects DevelopmentTheory and Practice
15. Advance Digital Video Editing Practice

16. Encoding videos to different formats for use on various devices – Theory and Practice
Duration: 6 Months

Regular tuition (For International students) USD 6,000
Discounted tuition(For Nigerian Indigenes) USD 3,000
Accommodation: USD 500
Payment Plans
Two installments accepted

Course Start Date : 02, April, 2018

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